Sculptor, painter, and inventor draw.

Italian Osvaldo Moi, September 14, 1961. Graduate Surveyor. Non-commissioned officer and helicopter pilot in the Italian army from 1980. From 1983 to 95 is testimonial (of 54 in newspapers, magazines, weekly, monthly, national) of the Italian Army Non-Commissioned Officers Training School.

In December 88, present in Lebanon as a helicopter pilot for the UN (UNIFIL), is sent to the United Nations in New York as a representative of Blue Helmets to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

He participated in the UNIFIL mission One (1987-88-89) Two and “Leon” (2007 – 2008) for 17 months in the South of Lebanon with the UN in Naqoura, flew by helicopter of IE in Israel, Greece, Turkey, Hungary, Norway, with NATO, from 1997 to 2012 he spent 36 months in Sarajevo in Bosnia with the SFOR and EUFOR always AB205 helicopter pilot. In the 32 years of service, when he was abroad on a mission, has always devoted his spare time continues to challenge himself, to him say he is a fine, ironic and clever, while the art critic Vittorio Sgarbi said that fortunately has found.

When in the kitchen with speed and creativity can transform his art into masterpieces of beauty and taste and we can say that after the flight and sculpture, the kitchen is predominant throughout, so that the restaurant was his work and would be a dream.